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Minera updated 0.5.0

I’ve been using Minera to run my Gridseed Orbs. Until I updated to 0.5.0 the other day, my uptime was measured in months.



The upgrade issue was that the Minera Dashboard page never loaded properly.



The top bar was in a constant state of update, and all the metrics were just spinners, no data.


Any hoo, I posted on the Minera section of bitcointalk and saw that others had similar issues.

So I tried following some of the answers.

Specifically, I logged in to Minera via SSH and issued the following commands :

redis-cli del altcoins_update
redis-cli del altcoins_data
redis-cli del dashboard_coin_rates
redis-cli del cryptsy_data
redis-cli del cryptsy_update

Once that was done, I reloaded the Minera Dashboard and after a few seconds it appeared to load correctly. minera-0.5.0However, the Altcoin prices section of the top bar still does not load anything. I made sure I selected an Altcoin in the settings, but even after saving there was no evidence I had done anything. So that bit’s broken at present.cryptsy-error






It was suggested that I re-issued these commands :

redis-cli del altcoins_update
redis-cli del altcoins_data

which I did, but no change. Not surprising if the selected Alts aren’t getting saved correctly.


On the plus side, the Dashboard interface has been re-arranged and tidied up, but I can’t see many major changes. Good. If it works well, don’t meddle ;-)

For a list of what the update contained, check out the Github page.