Adventures with Crypto

Things are looking up !

Well at least for Chris they are.

He’s been cleaning and cleaning, because at any moment Rumpelstiltskin might appear through the window. And we all know what that means …

Yes, it’s still not clean enough. That poor database must have been scrubbed within an inch of its queries ! But the effort has taken toll on Chris’ health. He is taking a short holiday. And so, it appears, is the short perl script (or intern) that performs his news updates.

At last viewing, 5 days had passed but the estimate was the same. Are things starting to crack ? Are we in danger of not getting paid ? ltcGear-excuse

These are questions only we can ask and eternity can answer. The updates thread on litecointalk has only the cryptic –

On withdrawal page.

Note: DRK = Dash. DRK symbol will be used on webserver pages until May to maintain compatibility with third party scripts.

Who can say ? Are these auspicious omens ?

Beekeepers thread on litecointalk says-

Thank You very much for your patience guys and thanks to moderators for their job!

… you’ve been a wonderful audience, I’m (not) here all week, enjoy the fish !

Personally I believe Chris is a good sound guy and all our money is safe.