Adventures with Crypto

Hashie and the Ice Queen

One of the promising young cloud mining companies was Hashie.

They had a nice clean interface, where you could see your miners working and perform admin tasks. they weren’t the cheapest on the block, but they paid well. Everyday, I would log in and check that all was well. I got excited as my payouts grew.

So I decided to grow my investments faster and invested a whole 3 BTC in the AMhash miners that appeared to cost less to run. And they did, for about 2 weeks. Then suddenly, the site was down, no one could get in.

Just as suddenly the site came back. Except that this time, it wasn’t hashie anymore. It had been taken over by the evil Ice Queen who gave us riddles and taunted us with songs. We had to find clues, that would lead us to a 20 BTC prize. So we tried and tried, but no one won the game. And our miners were gone.

But a shining knight came to the rescue ! AMHash had only let hashie borrow the miners. Very kindly, AMHash said that if we registered on their web site, we could redeem our miners there and keep on hashing !

So we did, and things were good again. For a little while ….


This post may or may not be continued later. To be honest it’s one of those depressing scams that is hard to go over in my mind. Perhaps as I remember more I’ll fill in more details.