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GetHashing Batch2 sells out … nearly

Just two weeks after GetHashing opened their doors on the Batch2 sale of 25,000 GHX (GetHashingCoin), there are only just over 3100 GHX left ! With the proposed start of hashing for Batch2 this weekend, there is still time to get in on the fun. At just $5 each, these colored coin assets are worth the investment, giving peace of mind to your crowd hashing ;-)

I’ve taken the opportunity to increase my holdings by 33%, as I cannot find a better remote mining management team. This is a proper community, dedicated to the benefit of all GHX owners and crypto in general. After the recent spate of large scale scams failed business models (LTCGear, AMHash, Hashie, Cointellect, Paycoin), it is good to know where I stand.

Click below to go to the GHX store before they run out.


In addition to the Batch2 release, there has been a lot of work done to GetHashingCloud, where your payouts and Assets are recorded. Now on v 0.8.1 great work has been done to improve graphing and personal stats for each of your Asset types.

In addition to the addition, GetHashing have also just announced the start of GHminting – PoS Coin Staking.

In their own words :

GHminting is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin staking benefit, exclusively offered to owners of GHX mining shares of GetHashing.

We’re staking PoS-based coins in our system and the minting rewards from the staked coins are used to augment GHX payouts. Proceeds from staking are aggregated in special staking reward accounts and will be exchanged when market rates are deemed most favourable. These funds are converted into Bitcoin and support GHX mining payouts.

You can read the full announcement at GetHashing’s forum.

Keep doing what you’re doing guys, this is great !

  • headrush69

    I guess you might have some questions on my motives.

    Q1, am I a shill for GetHashing ?
    A1, no, I am a satisfied customer partner.

    Q2, do I get paid for my posts ?
    A2, no I do not. (unless you follow my ref links to GetHashings store and buy GHX)

    Q3, have I been drinking the GetHashing brand of Kool Aid ?
    A3, interesting question – after some thought, the best I can come up with is a counter question.
    Have we become so jaded with the crypto ecosphere that to believe something is genuine is a mistake ?
    Would we know fresh water if we tasted it ?