Adventures with Crypto

AMHash – Havelock pays out

Well, it’s been a while since any payouts happened at AM-Hash. The whole ludicrous FriedCat story (abduction / arrest / somehow missing along with complete mining farm) had seemed to die down.

The offer appeared for AM Hash holders to return their shares for a minimal buyback price of 0.0003 BTC each. Now these things cost me upwards of 0.0012 so it’s 25% or there abouts. Better than nothing, considering the bad players recently.


So I transferred my shares into the AMHashLC fund on Havelock ready for redemption.

Today is the day it began. Apparently, the plan is to issue 5 equal dividends  to holders of AMHashLC which should cover the 0.0003 per share. Todays dividend matches one fifth of my total liability Рso far so good.


Be aware that Havelock charge 0.001 for withdrawals, so if you don’t have a huge amount due to you, it might be best to save fees and cash out after 5 payments.