Adventures with Crypto

GetHashing Batch2 sells out … n...


Just two weeks after GetHashing opened their doors on the Batch2 sale of 25,000 GHX (GetHashingCoin), there are only just over 3100 GHX left ! With the proposed start of hashing for Batch2 this weekend, there is still time to get in on the fun. At just $5 each, these colored coin assets are worth […]

AMHash – Havelock pays out


Well, it’s been a while since any payouts happened at AM-Hash. The whole ludicrous FriedCat story (abduction / arrest / somehow missing along with complete mining farm) had seemed to die down. The offer appeared for AM Hash holders to return their shares for a minimal buyback price of 0.0003 BTC each. Now these things […]

Minera updated 0.5.0


I’ve been using Minera to run my Gridseed Orbs. Until I updated to 0.5.0 the other day, my uptime was measured in months.   The upgrade issue was that the Minera Dashboard page never loaded properly.     The top bar was in a constant state of update, and all the metrics were just spinners, […]

Things are looking up !


Well at least for Chris they are. He’s been cleaning and cleaning, because at any moment Rumpelstiltskin might appear through the window. And we all know what that means … Yes, it’s still not clean enough. That poor database must have been scrubbed within an inch of its queries ! But the effort has taken […]

GHX release Batch2 !


Part of my plan has been to have fun mining and make a little money doing it. as my previous posts have shown, it can be an expensive hobby if the wrong people are trusted. I moved into home mining to keep some control over my investment. However, there are benefits to be had from […]

Mining hardware costs


Well after many disastrous attempts to find a trustworthy and  reliable cloudmining company, I decided to do it myself. At least no one can run off with the kit AND the money ! So I researched the hardware that would actually make money. Sadly, there isn’t a lot I have had Antminer S3s and S5s […]

Hashie and the Ice Queen


One of the promising young cloud mining companies was Hashie. They had a nice clean interface, where you could see your miners working and perform admin tasks. they weren’t the cheapest on the block, but they paid well. Everyday, I would log in and check that all was well. I got excited as my payouts […]

Problems in la la land – part o...


The Beginning. I actually believed in GAW at the beginning. To be honest I wasn’t there that long, but as they say, 6 months is a long time in crypto. I started off with a few hashlets at Zencloud. It quickly became apparent that only the Genesis were actually paying a return above costs. Then […]